A Message of Solidarity From SQA

We have a deep network of Technician -Engineer be spread throughout Vietnam. All technician and engineer who will be responsible for check and audit supplier, have excellence background about supplier quality management and improvement.

We know about production process with many kinds of products like Plastic part; Metal part; Electronic part and Automotive part and deep understanding about Injection process; Mechanical machining process and how to deliver quality products to user- customer, how suppliers work, and supply chains.

If you are facing any challenges, issues, or have supply chain/production-related to supplier checking and evaluation, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: outsourcing.control@sqa.com.vn

We are here for you.

COVID-19 Special Services

As a third party supplier quality management company, we are impartial and our role is not just to check product quality. We speak the truth of suppliers and their products. We stand for transparency. Particularly for critical COVID medical supplies e.g. personal protection equipment, masks, and ventilators, our objective is to ensure that your suppliers deliver the best quality products to you. After all, it is about human lives. ​

We have unveiled these special COVID-related services to support with getting through this crisis:

Supplier identification: Identification of suppliers to make COVID-related and other critical medical supplies.

Supplier claim verification: There are lots of suppliers who assert that they make PPEs, masks, gloves and so on. We do independent, on-site visits to the supplier to do physical verification of their statements and production. We make sure you’re not being scammed.

Production set-up, monitoring, and customer reporting: Support the supplier with setting up its production, production re-tooling, and getting the product onto the production line. Production process monitoring.

Manufacturing, engineering, and technical advice: To assist you and your supplier by providing professional technical advice on production matters.

Quality control: Third party quality inspections to ensure that you’re getting good quality products and that your orders have been complied with e.g. correct quantity, correct product.

Delivery monitoring: We monitor the supplier’s production to see if they’re on track to meeting your shipment dates.

These services are available across all SQA Viet Nam locations.

About SQA

The SQA Supplier Management Services group is a renowned third-party supplier quality management company, our objective is to drive supplier quality and deliver superior product quality. We have a proud 10-year history and have been at the front of supply chain movements. Our clients are the world’s leading OEMs. Our headquarter is located Ha Noi, Vietnam.