First Article Inspections

First Article Inspections (FAI) is an advanced quality inspection method that allows you to do detailed verification of production results against product designs before manufacturing begins. It involves taking the first product or subassembly sample (the first article) from the production line and doing a comprehensive study of whether it meets your engineering, design, and technical specifications. We also perform the inspections in order to establish the baseline for future quality inspections and to ensure that the supplier has correctly understood your production specifications.

 When do you need First Article Inspections?

FAI is an essential requirement for industries or products with complex manufacturing processes and strict quality assurance standards. It’s most commonly used by companies in the AerospaceAutomotive and Medical Industries. It is also useful for customers who have products that have high production costs and advanced manufacturing processes.

 What we do in First Article Inspections

We perform inspections in accordance with AS9102, (AQL) ISO2859-1, IE and other industries or regulatory standards. Inspection objectives are determined in line with your engineering needs however here are some of the key areas we focus on:

  • Characteristic evaluation and verification
  • Inspect the sample for conformance to technical drawings and specifications.
  • Verify supplier conformance to design requirements.
  • Inspect and verify use of customer approved/alternative components and safety standards.
  • Verify changes to BOM and conformance to ECN ( Engineering Changes Notification).
  • Activate a customer/supplier technical feedback loop.
  • Establish quality inspection parameters and criteria.
  • Set up final and process inspection procedures.
  • Evaluate functional testing and test equipment for production use.
  • Develop design and production process improvements
Who performs First Article Inspections

Our First Article Inspectors are high-level Quality Inspectors with strong inspection, product, production, and advanced engineering backgrounds. We match our personnel based on a detailed assessment of your requirements.

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