Pre-shipment Inspections

Pre-shipment or final inspections are inspections on finished or reworked products, components and subassemblies. They are usually performed when production is complete with at least 80% of the products packed and are your last opportunity to identify any defects or production problems before your supplier ships your product. We usually recommend this type of inspection for less complex products where the costs of producing and remedying product defects are not high, or when the manufacturing processes and product design are relatively simple. For more advanced products, In-process Inspections or First Article Inspections will probably be more suitable. 

Pre-shipment Inspections are performed to an agreed AQL established between the customer and the supplier. The customer’s inspection plan may specify:

  • 100% factory inspection – which means all production lots will be inspected.
  • Random Inspection – in which SQA selectively inspects items from different lots.
  • Line Inspection – in which random inspection at certain points of the production line.
  • Out of the Box Inspection – in which selective packaged or packed items are inspected before shipping to customer

Pre-shipment Inspections are indispensable for you to verify the quality of what you’re buying. They also give you the opportunity to negotiate with your supplier and ask for improved performance, cost reductions, rework, or for the entire remanufacturing of your purchase order.

Our Pre-shipment Inspections are individually tailored to your product and quality requirements. To use the right SQA Quality Representatives for the inspection work, we will need to know your product, your inspection criteria, the production volume, and your supplier’s technical compliance records. All our quality inspectors have the following skills:

  • Ability to read technical drawings and blueprints.
  • Strong problem detection and reporting skills.
  • Excellent eye for detail and understanding of quality standards.
  • Familiarity with production processes and inspection techniques.
  • Knowledge in sampling techniques.
  • Supplier problem resolution skills.

We also offer inspectors with Electrical/Electronic, Materials, and Mechanical engineering knowledge for clients with ElectronicAerospaceAutomotive, Medical Device, SolarSewing, Outdoor Equipment, and other advanced industrial products.

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