Procurement Quality Control

Procurement Quality Control is where our Procurement Engineers use their technical and quality knowledge to help you select the best suppliers and control quality at the source. 

We met our customer’s quality goals by providing supplier quality training, final product inspections, supplier corrective actions, supplier performance monitoring, and supplier improvement.

Today, more than 10 years later, we continue to provide our Procurement Quality Management solutions to companies who are concerned about supplier risk management and risk avoidance and want to get their procurement strategy right from the start. We have teams of Procurement Engineers with deep knowledge about Supplier Quality Management, Product Manufacturing Processes, Supplier Behavior, Quality Tools, Industry Standards, and Customer Quality Expectations, who can collaborate with your purchasing and quality teams to implement your quality standards in your procurement activities.

Your Supplier’s Quality is Your Quality.

Our Employees’ successes in servicing our Customers are SQA’s successes.
Our Employees are Our Assets.
Our Customers are the Reasons for our Growth.

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