Quality Inspections

SQA provides third-party supplier product quality inspections. Our quality inspectors can inspect a supplier for:

  • Supplier conformance to your quality standards and performance expectations
  • Supplier conformance to technical requirements
  • Supplier conformance to corrective action requests
  • Product functionality and material quality

SQA’s quality inspections are available in key manufacturing locations in VIETNAM.

Supplier quality inspections are your added assurance that your suppliers deliver a quality product on time without defects. It is a component of our Supplier Quality Control (SQC) services for managing outsourced suppliers. Our SQC activities can include surveying and evaluating the supplier’s quality assurance methods, conducting functional inspections, providing feedback on supplier performance, and corrective actions development. We also handle complex projects whereby our quality inspection teams perform component and sub-component inspections on multiple tiers of suppliers.

All our inspections are customized to your product, and we can also offer First Article Inspections, In-process Inspections, and Pre-shipment Inspections to address your critical quality points. We specialize in advanced quality inspections for hardware, electronics, medical devices, automotive, aerospace, solar and precision manufactured components.

SQA Quality Inspection Services can help to:

  • Reduce your poor-quality costs and product defect rates.
  • Eliminate the need to hire a local employee and send your staff on expensive overseas work postings.
  • Provide real-time monitoring and feedback on your supplier’s performance.

For more information, please contact us by:

  • Phone: +84 (0)91 519 8605
  • Email: outsourcing.control@sqa.com.vn
  • Skype ID: live:.cid.1ca61758b5d11821
  • Wechat ID: wxid_kiy4dyz0jj7i22

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