Solar and Photovoltaics

Proactive Quality Management is the Best Business Plan

Inferior quality or defective Solar power system components can lead to disappointing underperformance, added costs, frustrated users, lost investments, and damaged reputation. Most of all, it impedes your vision of using clean, renewable, affordable, and sustainable energy sources to power the products we use today.

All you want is that the components should be reliable and meet your performance expectations. Finding the right supplier though has become extremely complex due to the exponential increase in suppliers. The other problem is that most quality issues may only manifest much later (sometimes it takes years), occur at the structural level, and cannot be detected at the final product stage.

IEC, ISO and other certifications can’t do very much for you. They tell that you that the Solar product has met a set of technical requirements at the time of production, but they do not guarantee that you won’t have problems for the mid to long-term.

SQA’s Solar Quality Assurance Solutions

SQA can prevent Solar product defects by developing and implementing quality assurance programmers for your suppliers and across your supply chain. Our programmer focuses on early defect detection and using our quality engineering expertise to drive your supplier’s manufacturing processes to a zero-defect rate.

Products we have worked with.

Solar modules, inverters, batteries, and solar components e.g solar cables, disconnects, fuse boxes, connectors, combiner boxes, recombines, mounting systems, trackers, and charge controllers.

A glimpse into what we can do.

  • QAP/QMP/QMS development and on-site supplier implementation
  • Factory evaluations and audits; Workshop qualification
  • Bill of materials evaluation
  • Production management
  • Product inspections (pre-shipment, during production, pre-production)
  • Packaging evaluation
  • Container loading check
  • Corrective actions and continuous improvement implementation
  • Non-conformity detection and resolution
  • Electrical component inspections
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier quality engineering

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