Supplier Audits

SQA’s Supplier Quality Audits have one objective: To identify potential supplier problems and risks so that you don’t have to contend with unexpected quality and production surprises. Our audits are Supplier Risk Management and risk prevention tools that enable you to select the right supplier that can meet your cost, delivery, and quality expectations.

Here are some reasons why you should use supplier quality audits:

  • ISO certifications are only good as marketing tools and don’t tell you much about the supplier’s production capabilities or more importantly, how they will treat you as a customer. They won’t tell you whether a supplier will deliver on time, or whether the supplier will try and take shortcuts in the production process.
  • To measure the supplier’s technical capabilities against the supplier’s words.
  • To compare supplier management attitudes and culture against actual production systems and factory practices.
  • When the quality and product defects cost too much and you need to find the root cause.
  • When the supplier says “no problems” to everything you want.
  • When you are introducing a new product line but are using the same supplier.
  •  When supplier technical and production feedback is weak.
Types of Quality Audits

SQA can audit to ISO, TS/IATF, AS, IPC, SA and other industry or regulatory quality standards. All audits are individually tailored to your needs and specifications. We can also develop audit programs for customers who have multiple tiers of suppliers in different locations and who require auditing at various production stages.
Examples of quality audits we offer are Quality Management System Audits, ISO 9000 Audits, Supplier Feedback AuditsProcess AuditsManufacturing Audits, IATF 16949 Audits, and Social Accountability Audits.
All audits are performed by engineers with lead auditor experience and deep knowledge in quality manufacturing and supplier management.

When we audit, we are auditing the future consequences of the supplier’s failure to swiftly correct manufacturing and quality issues.

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