Supplier Quality Control

Your supplier’s quality is your quality. SQA’s Quality Control Services are for when your supplier is unresponsive to your efforts to improve its product quality and it is compromising your business. Our services are for you when you feel that your supplier is running away from your management and you need someone onsite at the supplier premises to continuously enforce your interests and bring the supplier into line with you.

Our cost-effective solutions utilize the best local quality management engineering talent to manage your outsourced suppliers. Sometimes all it takes is an ISO lead auditor or quality inspectors on the production line. At other times, it requires a team of SQA Quality Inspectors, Technical Experts, Supplier Quality Engineers, Production Managers, Process and Production Specialists, and a Level 4 Coordinator. We take over the supplier’s production management and processes to drive a zero-defect quality program.

The key areas of our Supplier Quality Control solutions are Quality InspectionsSupplier AuditsSupplier Risk ManagementSupplier Quality EngineeringSupplier Management, and Procurement Engineering.

Our Supplier Quality Control Objectives 

  • Help the supplier to get the production line into shape.
  • Train the supplier’s line operators and supervisors on quality methods and product assembly.
  • Implement corrective actions.
  • Improve the production process.
  • Iron out the root causes of quality problems and product problems.
  • Sort out technical complications.
  • Develop supplier continuous improvement programs.
  • Bring the supplier’s production towards meeting customer’s quality and delivery needs.
  • Return the production line to the supplier for improved production.

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