Technical Compliance

Supplier quality defects and product failures are caused mainly by the supplier’s technical inefficiency and the customer’s inability to communicate and monitor the supplier’s technical functions. A supplier’s production management objective is to make what must be made and meet their production quota.

An SQA Technical Compliance team is made up of Product Technical Specialists who have expertise in products they know best and have sound knowledge of the Supplier Management Process. Knowing their products means knowing the technical and design requirements, and the safety and technical standards.

The Technical Compliance Team will:

  • Review the customer’s technical, design and specifications requirements and documentation with the supplier.
  • Provide a Technical Feedback Loop between the customer and the supplier to ensure that the supplier gets a good idea of the customer’s preferences and supplier’s concerns
  • Review the supplier’s recommendations and use of alternative components versus customer approved components.
  • Follow up on supplier assessment and audit of technical capabilities for better Supplier Capability Development
  • Provide continuous feedback on Supplier Technical Problems.
  • Review supplier Original Equipment Manufacturing designs for the customer.

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